Your Happy and Engaged Employees are BOOST YOUR WORKPLACE PERFORMANCE Lyubomirsky, King Diener, 2005 - Gallup, 2012


The benefits of being happy at work!

More and more company directors are becoming aware of how being a “happy company” can give their business a competitive edge. What can each of us, whatever our position, do on a regular basis to create more happiness in the workplace and by doing so promote greater efficiency, creativity, resilience… and success?

“Happy employees are on average 3 times more creative,
31% more productive and achieve 37% more sales.“


An action-focused approach

Annika Månsson founded Happy at Work in 2008

Annika Månsson founded Happy at Work in 2008 with the aim of responding to the growing need for greater balance in our professional lives.

Annika worked for Danone group for 15 years and has since built up more than 10 years of coaching and training experience in a wide range of multicultural sectors around the world.

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